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World-class coaching to help you grow your branch, overcome the obstacles and reach your dreams.

Grow Your Team and Your Marketing!

Designed for Branch Managers and Loan Originators Who Want to Grow their Team and Their Marketing!

Gain expert clarity

Eric has helped hundreds of branch managers & loan originators just like you get the clarity, tools and confidence they need to accomplish their dreams.

Get Un-Stuck!

Break out of the rut from whatever is holding you back and overcome any obstacles that threaten to get in your way in the future.

Reach your dreams

Get on a realistic plan and have expert help in order to reach your dreams! There is a formula for success, and achieving your dreams won’t be left to chance.

Meet your coach

When you’re serious about growing your branch or team, avoiding the pitfalls that come along with growth, and reaching your dreams, coaching experience matters!

As a former owner of a Top 100 mortgage company that he built from the ground up, Eric Tishaw knows exactly what it feels like to overcome the obstacles in order to grow a successful mortgage loan origination business.

This unique perspective has allowed him to create a superior mortgage coaching platform that’s capable of generating unequaled results, and allows you to more fully leverage and accelerate your efforts.

As one of the industry's top mortgage coaches, Eric has the knowledge, experience and the track record to help you unlock your full potential and make your dreams a reality.

What makes our model so different?

Remember when you first got into mortgage loan origination and you could literally visualize the unlimited opportunity of this business? Remember how great it felt to see the sky as the limit, and the freedom that came along with it?

Unfortunately, distractions have a way of getting in the way. Loan challenges became the 'latest' and the 'loudest', mortgage marketing takes backseat to maintenance, and the ups and downs of the business wreak havoc on all of your plans. All of this pushes your dreams further down the stack of a growing pile of obligations.

What's even worse, burnout occurs when you begin to realize that...

...having the time or energy to focus on the things that will get you closer to your dreams are nowhere close to happening because you’re too busy operating in survival mode all of the time.

The way to avoid total burnout and get your business back on track is by having a mortgage loan officer coach who’s been where you want to go come alongside you and help you navigate the obstacle course.

Eric has spent his entire career helping Mortgage Loan Originators and Mortgage Branch Managers go from where they are to where they want to be by expanding their vision, focusing their passions, increasing their skills, and taking practical steps toward their defined dreams.

The Direct Path mortgage branch manager and loan originator coaching model will help you win even in the face of the ups and downs of the business. You’ll successfully navigate through the pitfalls that come along with growing a successful mortgage origination business, and have access to the expertise, clarity and coaching systems that you need to unlock the true potential of your origination business. Along the way, you’ll learn and implement new marketing strategies directly from someone who has spent tens of millions of dollars on mortgage marketing.

You'll see the difference right away by applying the same framework that Eric used to grow his mortgage company, and have all of the confidence and assurance that comes along with having a rock-solid plan for your future.

The Direct Path Coaching program is the only coaching program designed specifically to help branch managers grow their branch, and for Loan Originators / Loan Officers who want to start a branch or grow a team under them.

Harry B., Branch Manager

Don't Let Fear Chart The Course

What's the cost of not reaching your dreams? What would it be worth to be the best "YOU" that you were created to be?

Investing in yourself will bring a renewed energy and focus into your business and breathe life back into your dreams.

Take your next step forward and align yourself with someone who has done it before and is committed to helping you get there too.

We’re committed to your success. Are you?

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